It’s not often a business conference catches the eye of Vanity Fair. It’s not often the Killers sing about software. It’s not often that you gather entrepreneurs, celebrity business leaders, Ministers, bloggers and Invictus Games competitors in a room the size of a village.

But that’s the magic of Sage Summit. Last week’s event was the biggest and best ever event for Entrepreneurs – so to everyone who joined in person – all 15,000 of you – and to the thousands more online, thank you.

Sage Summit matters because it celebrates Entrepreneurs. It reconnects them with the reason they started their businesses and ignites their passion for being a business builder. It matters because it gives them solutions to their biggest challenges – through support, through technology and through mentoring.

Here are my 5 highlights:

 Our customers

The passion and devotion you have for your businesses fills us with pride. You inspire us, so I hope Summit inspired you. Some of the positive feedback has blown me away, like Camile McClay saying:  ‘You were phenomenal – so blessed to have been introduced to such wisdom’.

Our partners

Our partners are crucial to our success and at Summit, we wanted to give you all the tools you need to help us serve and support our mutual customers. Thank you for joining us a day early – we loved bringing you into the detail of our product roadmaps and sharing our vision with you.

The keynotes

The keynotes were the centerpiece and the core talking points of the event. Personally, I relished the chance to share my vision for Sage and our family of customers, partners and communities. And after my opening keynote, I felt fortunate to join the audience to watch business leaders, ministers, celebs, Sage colleagues and Invictus competitors take the stage. From the life lessons of Sir Richard Branson to the wonderful Laura Wright singing the Invictus anthem, to Gwyneth Paltrow talking about her plans for GOOP and the Shark Tank stars bringing charisma and comedy to their business lessons. And then the UK’s new Minister for International Trade Liam Fox choosing Sage Summit to make his first major announcement about investment in the US. Wall to wall inspiration and entertainment.

Our colleagues

I was so proud of all of our colleagues last week. From the amazing volunteers, doing whatever it takes to help our customers  – to our execs hosting the celebrity sessions like professional presenters. Not forgetting the incredible effort in the run-up to get so many people there. We all jumped in and showed the power of Sage.  When I saw this tweet from one colleague on her vacation after Summit last week, I knew we had touched people’s hearts and left  an impression that lives on beyond Chicago.

All powered by Awesome Technology

We kept coming back to one thing at Summit – at our heart, amidst all of this, we are a tech company. And Summit is our showcase for the next generation of business technology. I was so pleased to see the tech as the star of the show. I loved Ashton Kutcher trying Pegg, Satya Nadella talking about the importance of our Microsoft partnership and Marc Benioff sending us an iPhone vid to share his love for Sage, telling us that if anyone was poised to grasp the opportunities presented by the cloud, it was us.