So You’ve Registered for Sage Summit…Cool! (Now Here’s What to Pack)

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It’s almost that time of the year! Are you as excited about Sage Summit as we are? Whether you’re a veteran Summit attendee or joining us for the first time, you’ve got some packing to do between now and July 25th.

Now that you’ve registered, the hard part is over – we’re pulling it all together with speakers, experts, innovators and off the chart experiences.

Here’s a few of the essentials that we recommend for Sage Summit.

Business cards.

You know that you need to bring business cards. No, duh, right? Our advice is to bring even more than you think you need. Having a few stashed here are there – in your pocket, in your bag, tucked into your nametag – will make it easy to give out your info when you have an engaging conversation.

What makes you *you*?

Okay, this really isn’t something to pack. But you’ll thank us later. Packing cards is a no-brainer, so as you pack them, thinks about what makes you *you*? Break down your professional branding statement into something more engaging. That way when folks ask “What do you do?”, you can make an impression as well as take part in a conversation. That’s what the Summit is all about!

Clothing that keeps you comfortable.

Yep – comfy clothing can ignite your passion. Well…. technically it won’t ignite you, but it will keep you going at the event to soak in every opportunity. Take some business casual options that will allow you to walk, sit, stand and network all at once, pick comfortable, but professional shoes and work up building your wardrobe it will be easier to pull things together.

A back up battery (or two, or three)

There’s going to be so much to learn, your devices are going to be put to good use. Whether your laptop needs a travel charger, or you can use a portable power bank for several devices, make sure that you have back-ups to keep you going. You might be surprised by how long your devices stay on, and you don’t want to get stuck by the wall charger.

Portable hygiene essentials.

Your hotel room will probably have all of your essentials, but you’ll also need a few things to keep for on the go. You’ve got to look your best! At least pack hand sanitizer – as much as we all try our best to avoid being in the way of coughing, “conference colds” aren’t called that for no reason.

Finally – and most importantly – pack enough into your days for education, networking, buffer time and just being you. Sage Summit has something to offer for everyone – see you in Chicago!

About the author:

Kangelon “Kay” Dexter, Product Marketing Strategist and entrepreneur advocate

I am passionate about marketing and ensuring that the voice of the customer is heard as I create new products and features for Sage One. I’ve built my career around being an innovator, straight-talker and forward-thinker, and always making sure that my work is relevant to customers. Outside of the office, I enjoy spending my free time mentoring local teenage girls who are interested in participating and winning scholarship-based pageants, shopping for the latest fashion trends and being a Youth and Worship leader at my church.

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