Sage One Accounting Love Scholarship – Meet the Winner!

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Being an entrepreneur is all about the future: dreaming about it, planning for it, and creating it. As an entrepreneur, you have the ability to craft the reality you want for your business and for the world around you.

And who better to think about the future than bright young students? They spend their days in that visionary space already: Who do I want to be? Where could my studies and my career take me? What problems do I want to solve in the world?

So we created a scholarship award to foster—and reward—that kind of thinking. With the Sage One Spring 2016 Accounting Love Scholarship, we asked high school seniors and college students to create a Vine video about entrepreneurship, finance, accounting or economics. This year’s winner was Sara Behrouzian, and you can check out her winning Vine video here.

Sara Behrouzian, this year's scholarship winner

Sara Behrouzian, this year’s scholarship winner

We chatted with her to find out a little more about her, her entry, and her dreams for the future…

How did you hear about this contest?
“My business school sends out newsletters including upcoming events as well as scholarship opportunities on a weekly basis and once I saw the scholarship it instantly spoke out to me. I have yet to come across an opportunity that uses Vine to award students which quite frankly makes Sage really unique that way. I applied without second thought as social media is a great passion of mine and I had a social network of friends who I knew would support me.”

How did you react when you found out you won?
“I was actually sitting at my desk at work and checked my personal email only to find an email from Sage. I felt my stomach plunge and I believe my jaw had unconsciously dropped open as well. After it sunk in, I cried happy tears in front of my coworkers and called my family instantly.”

What tools/materials did you use to create your Vine? How long did it take to make?
“The most time consuming component was hands down the brainstorming of it all. It took me approximately a day to make. I had to take pictures of my fellow classmates around campus and edit the Vine using iMovie.”

What do you envision for your future studies and career?
“I haven’t fully set my mind on my future career. Recently, I have bounced back and forth between Marketing, Human Resources and Consulting. Going into only my third year, I am trying to expose myself to as many different positions and opportunities as possible.”

Big congratulations to Sara for winning this year’s scholarship. We know she’ll do great things and keep spreading the #SageAccountingLove!

To read about last year’s scholarship winners, click here.

About the author:

Kangelon “Kay” Dexter, Product Marketing Strategist and entrepreneur advocate

I am passionate about marketing and ensuring that the voice of the customer is heard as I create new products and features for Sage One. I’ve built my career around being an innovator, straight-talker and forward-thinker, and always making sure that my work is relevant to customers. Outside of the office, I enjoy spending my free time mentoring local teenage girls who are interested in participating and winning scholarship-based pageants, shopping for the latest fashion trends and being a Youth and Worship leader at my church.

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