Watch Your Hard Work Pay Off

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Picture this: Your side hustle is gaining steam. You’ve got enough client emails, invoices and payments flying around that you’re ready to buckle down and get a good system in place for managing your finances. You ask a few friends, and the answer invariably come back: “Most of the small businesses I know use QuickBooks.”

But wait—you don’t have any accounting experience. So do you dive into QuickBooks and just hope you can figure it out? Or do you stick with just pecking away at an Excel spreadsheet, gleaning what you can from those numbers?

No. We’ve got a better way.

It’s called Sage One Start, and it’s a straightforward expense tracking software. Unlike QuickBooks, which is way bigger and scarier than you want to mess with right now, it’s super easy to use. And unlike Excel, it’s got just the right amount of easy-to-understand bells and whistles.

With Sage One Start, you can:

  • Track all your income and expenses. You can easily see your balance without typing transactions into a calculator or messing with fussy Excel formulas.
  • Easily search the system to see who has paid you what. Based on that, you can track down customers who are dragging their feet, or maybe come up with a “thank you” promo to your most reliable customers.
  • Link your bank accounts and credit cards and download transactions from as far back in the past as you want—that means you can get a view of your business’s whole history!
  • Pull historical data about where your business was a week ago, a month ago, a year ago to compare your business’s growth.

That view of your business’s financial history is a biggie. From the first day of filed paperwork to today’s full calendar and happy client list, you’ll be able to see exactly how all your hard work has paid off.

Check out Sage One Start today!

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