Meet Pegg, Your New Personal Assistant

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Pegg character RGBYou’re a savvy entrepreneur. You know that you need to track all your business income and expenses, keep up with invoices, and check in with your bank from time to time to keep your business healthy.

But you’re also a busy entrepreneur. (I know, that’s sort of repetitive to say.) You need a faster way to cross the t’s and dot the i’s of your finances without having to sit down at a desktop.

Well, good news: we’ve got a way. Meet Pegg, who’s about to be your new best friend and your personal assistant rolled into one. Pegg is a chatbot who helps you track your income and expenses and business financials. You can message receipts and updates to it through your favorite messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger and Skype. It’s as easy as sending a text:

Pegg conversation screenshot


And great news—the information you tell Pegg is always available to you. Pegg puts that information into Sage One Start, a software you can sign up for through Pegg and get a 30-day free trial. Sage One Start helps you get an overall view of your income and expenses, see the status of your invoices, and get a view of your business’s financial history.

Click here to learn more about Sage One Start, and click here to get your free trial and start chatting with Pegg! Easier business financials are just a text away.

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