Sage Foundation Launches the Enterprise Fund

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Grassroots charities: they may be small, but they are mighty. And with the right support, they can change the world.

That’s why today, Sage is launching a brand new fund to support bright ideas from non-profits, whatever their size. It’s called the Enterprise Fund. It’s a pot of $1 million made available across 2017 to charities or non-profits with enterprising ideas to improve the lives of military veterans, young people or women and girls, who are working in Sage’s local communities.

Small charities face just the same everyday issues as other small businesses and entrepreneurs: managing cash flow, keeping control of overheads and staying relevant and innovative in a competitive environment.

Despite those needs, grassroots charities don’t get the attention that big charities do. Big, global campaigns from multinational charities are very visible, and as such we are more likely to get engaged with them. Through the Enterprise Fund, the Sage Foundation hopes to close that gap a little, offering funds and exposure to charities who need it to continue their life-changing work.

How the Enterprise Fund works
Sage Foundation will award between $5,000 and $35,000 to charities that are taking an innovative approach to solving issues in the communities in which Sage works. The charities might put the money toward funding new initiatives, raising more income or enhancing existing and proven activity. We just want to help find the brightest ideas.

The $1 million is split between $500,000 made available now, and a second round to come in July 2017. Applications for this round are open until April 5—so get thinking, apply now! 

All applications that fulfill the eligibility criteria will be considered, but Sage Foundation are keen to support organizations that are currently small but have ambitions to expand, grow and deliver sustainable change.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, then we want to hear from you!

Since we launched in 2016, Sage Foundation has become the beating heart of who Sage are as a company. It embodies our passion for doing business in the right way, and using our power to help communities around where we work. Sage have always believed in the revolutionary power of an entrepreneur with a bright idea—now, we want to recognize that your local charity or non-profit might have the brightest of ideas, hidden in plain sight.

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